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tv   News 4 New York at Noon  NBC  March 30, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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just moments ago, both sides announced a settlement. we're live now in newark with the breaking story. >> reporter: the changes that the city agreed to are being called historic. they are intended to set an example for other police departments around the country. primarily, the police officers here in newark will undergo training to learn how to properly conduct stops and searches according to constitutional law. they'll also get additional training in what's called bias-free policing. it's not to target any specific community, namely the african-american community here in newark. new policy will require deescalation techniques, patrol cars will have cameras in them, and officers will have to wear body cameras. the newly created civilian complaint review board will give members of the communicate a line of communications to voice
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this is in response to a federal investigation two years ago that found that the newark police department was routinely making unconstitutional stops with racial bias. today, the u.s. attorney laid out exactly how that will come to an end. >> far too many police reports have failed to define an adequate reason for stops of people on the street. some of this stems from a lack of clarity which has promoted a view that living or simply being in a high crime area is in and of itself criminally suspicious. it requires better training, updated policies so that officers understand when they are permitted to stop, search, and arrest and when they are not. >> reporter: we reached out to the newark pba. we have not heard back. this new policy will be laid out under the guard of a federal
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an update right now on a powerful explosion in new jersey that killed -- jurd five people. injured. they say it happened during the installation of a new gas main. this is on gold s sborough drive and chosin. so far, no word on what caused it. in brooklyn now, firefighters still putting out hot spots after a massive fire burning now more than 14 hours. has gutted five apartment buildings, left dozens of people homeless. the flames broke out on dekalb avenue in bushwick. >> reporter: we've seen tears out here, residents absolutely devastated devastated. these are the five buildings that are severely damage. flames shooting from these buildings. it was about 10:00 in the
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it took about three hours for control. 90 people lived here and are now displaced. the red cross is helping about half of them seek another place to live. the investigation goes on into the cause of the fire. but several people were hurt. of the 11 people hurt, seven of hospital. there were three of them who did go to the hospital, and one of them is in serious condition. there was also a firefighter with minor injuries. we're hearing there was a church here that only opened up less than a year ago. one man that attended there said he's devastated. you can't see it from here, but there is a karate studio right there. he said he would pass by and see the kids practicing karate. that business also gone, the church is gone, and these five apartment buildings destroyed. we're waiting to find out if
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on long island, a man wanted for trying to lure two 10-year-old girls. the girls were walking and a driver approached them at the intersection of briard street and stratford road. the girls ran to a home for help. the driver was in a black four door car with black rims and tinted windows. if you have information, call police. a former riker's inmate who became paralyzed behind bars is now suing the prison. today, his mother and sister met with his attorney to announce the lawsuit. he says prison guards ignored his repeated request to be taken pain. he ended up with an abscess that was compressing his spinal cord. >> we have inmates not getting the medical care that's necessary so that this tragedy
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could happen to someone else. the 29-year-old aspiring artist again. >> he's also asked for an investigation by the state health department. turning now to the race for the white house and the presidential candidates are getting in a new york state of mind. hillary clinton in fact bringing her campaign to the apollo theater today. these are live pictures, although she's not at the podium yet, clearly. this with the new york primary just a couple of weeks away. we're there where the rally is under way. >> reporter: i can tell you the former new york senator is in the building, she just hasn't addressed her supporters yet. many of whom are still on 125th street behind me wrapped around the block. hillary clinton is expected to touch on issues that have been the hallmark of her campaign, national security and inequality.
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she took direct aim at the republican frontrunner. we did see hillary clinton make the rounds in harlem earlier today meeting with charlie rangel. both clinton and bernie sanders have their sights set on the new york primary april 19th. clinton said she would entertain the notion of participating in a new york debate with sanders before the race. and some of her supporters say it isn't necessary at this point. sanders starts his new york campaign with a rally in the south bronx on thursday winning contests. >> when some say we can solve america's problems by building walls -- >> reporter: you're looking now at an ad released by hillary clinton's campaign today. the first one in new york that's trump.
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depicting new york's diversity. although she doesn't mention trump by name, it does show that infamous video of that man being sucker punched at a trump rally. want to take you back live now where they are singing the national anthem at this point. the supporters were chanting hillary ahead of this. she went in the back entrance of the theater. we were looking to see how she would make her arrival. we'll have more on all of this on news4 new york at 5:00. >> thank you. some other political news t now. donald trump speaking out in very strong terms denying that his campaign manager grabbed and hurt a reporter. >> she didn't almost fall down. she didn't even change the expression on her face. >> trump spoke by phone on the "today" show about the battery charges filed against cory lewandowski. he pointed to this security video released by police.
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ewandowski and that was echoed by his lawyer. >> it certainly doesn't look like the description that she had, where she almost fell. >> now you have donald trump suggesting that michelle fields assaulted him and cory lewandowski stepped in and protected donald trump. >> ted cruz also criticizing donald trump and saying it's part of the culture inside the trump campaign. president barack obama commuted the prison sentences of 51 drug offenders. all of the inmates are serving time for drug possession, intent to sell or related crimes. most are non-violent offenders. this move is aiming to help renew calls to overhaul the u.s. criminal justice system. the man who police say admitted to hijacking an jipt air flight is now being detained for at least the next eight days. he appeared in court on the
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the court ordered him to stay behind bars because of worries that he might take off. he told authorities that the gyp chan government hasn't let him see his wife and kids in 24 years. he flashed that v sign to cameras. coming up next at noon, the battle over those costumed characters. >> reporter: yes, if you've ever walked through times square, this is a story that affects you. we're here at city hall for a showdown with those costume characters and city council. coming up. and lots of sunshine and quieter winds. don't be fooled. there's stormy weather right around the corner.
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welcome back. it is times square super heros versus a group of businesses. lawmakers pushing a plan to try and coral these costumed characters which some say are overly aggressive and out of control. john? >> reporter: if you've walked through times square, you've probably been approached by mickey mouse or any one of these characters. they say they're simply trying to make a buck with tips out there taking pictures with tourists. that has led to contentious moments in times square. right now behind me at city hall, a hearing going on under way to hear a bill that would try and regulate these costumed characters. >> we're also going to give you a safe space if you don't want to be approached or harassed. >> reporter: the times square alliance rallied to push regulation of costumed characters that troll the square
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>> we don't want to put anybody out of business. but i think there has been acknowledgement finally that every single day, there are some people that hide in these costume characters that really bother people. >> reporter: the legislation calls for creating restricted zones for these characters, like spierman. >> want to put me in a box. no way. i'm out here -- >> reporter: even he concedes, times square has often turned contentious. the naked cowboy supports the alliance believing that troublemakers need to be curbed. >> if they organized it more, it would actually work out better for them. so i'm not against them. i'm just trying to lead them into smarter pastures. let's go to where they want us to be. >> reporter: but there are a lot of characters in times square who feel very, very strongly that they cannot be boxed in. so the hearing under way right
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it will face a final vote on april 7th. john chandler, news4 new york. thank you. >> a memorial today for the man who helped rebuild the new york city fire department after 9/11. family and friends gathered to honor nicholas scoppetta. he also served as deputy mayor and revamped the city's administration for children's services as well. mayor de blasio remembered scoppetta's legacy. >> the light he lit in our city will never be extinguished. you'll see it every time child is saved. you'll see it every time a firefighter goes out to do their good work. >> scoppetta is survived by his wife susan, two children and three grandchildren. now we'd like to take you back to live pictures at the apollo theater. senator chuck schumer speaking
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clinton in new york city is scheduled to take place on april 19th. we know that earlier she met and smoke with charles rangel. right now we are looking at what's going on right now. she is expected to take the podium just a few minutes from now once chuck schumer is done speaking. we might get a quick chance before the noon broadcast is over to dip in and listen to some of what she says. if not, it will be posted on our website. moving onto today's money report, good news on the jobs front. that's nice. and apple's pitch to major league baseball. bill griffith is joining us now with that and a look at the markets. >> hey. i wish i'd thought of that headline for apple. but i'm glad you guys did. the rally continues on wall street today. we said this might happen. janet yellen speaking at noon yesterday in new york saying that maybe interest rates won't
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it ignited a rally that continued around the world overnight and it con continues today in new york. and good news on the jobs front this morning. payroll service adp reported this morning that private businesses around the country created 200,000 jobs last month. that's a very healthy number. the biggest increase in jobs was in the transportation sector. that's good news. the number of jobs in the energy sector actually declined last month because of the slide in oil prices. the government's more important jobs report will be out on friday. of course the market will watch for that one very carefully. >> and major league technology is coming to major league baseball. apple has just signed a deal to supply ipad pro tablets to every major league team so that coaches can have instant access to data during the games. helping them determine pitcher/hitter matchups, analyze
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a ball, all the things that coaches used to do by instinct. now they'll have their necknology neck technology with them. we'll see if this has any impact on gamts. >> you know some people are not going to be happy. there's that gut instinct that people really admire. >> does experience count for nothing anymore now? >> i don't think so. if i'm any example. [ laughter ] all right. we'll see you tomorrow, bill. thank you. just jokes. just jokes. we were talking -- well, bill was talking a little bit about the weather. snow, warm, cold, windy, sunny. >> don't start with the snow, though. that's going to scare people. there is snow in the forecast. there's a bit of everything coming our way. it's going to be a rough ride. so enjoy this quiet day today. no snow today. 52 degrees and lots of sunshine now. it's a beautiful-looking day. look at that shot from the top
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low 50s right nowghnd temperatures still on the rise. let's take a look at your weather headlines for today. enjoying that beautiful afternoon. then we have stormy weather moving in tomorrow night through friday and then a cold blast and winds saturday night into sunday. yeah, it's going to be a rough ride again over the next few. so you really want to enjoy this beautiful day. here's a look at the hudson valley. fantastic blue skies and 52 degrees. we have that wind coming in off the shore. it's keeping coastal spots cooler. winds much less gusty than yesterday, but still bit breezy at times. we will stay in the 40s with that onshore flow. as you head inland, you will warm up back into the mid to upper 50s by the end of the day. nice quiet day shaping up. we are tracking a storm that's going to be making its move over the next few. i'm going to show you this now
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this is thursday night and friday's rain moving in still -- almost 1,000 miles to go to get here. we have today and most of tomorrow that will be dry. you'll notice the cooler temperatures right by the shore today. look at the warmup as you head into andover and morris town. much less windy than yesterday. future temps and radar shows the picture over the next few days. i want to show you when the rain arrives. this is 8:00 a.m. not too chilly. nothing like what we had this morning. then the rain is knocking on our door by tomorrow evening's commute, but i think it's a dry commute. showers move in overnight. friday morning, that has soaker potential written all over it, and even friday evening. seven-day forecast shows temperatures dropping sharply, windy and cold on sunday. and then there is that chance of rain and maybe snow mixing in on tuesday with temperatures into the 40s.
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the next fewcdays. stay with us for any updates. >> boo hiss on the rain and snow. it's april already. good grief. let's get to "new york live." it's next at 12:30. >> that's a collective boo hiss. we join you in that. >> oh, my gosh. boo hiss to that. >> this is the world's first billion dollar wedding. we'll take you inside one outrageous celebration. >> look at all those flowers. my goodness. what happens when james corden steals j.lo's phone to text an oscar winning actor? we have the priceless clip from last night's "carpool karaoke." >> by the way, i saw that wedding, i read about it on twitter this morning. they had a nine-tier cake. >> it was like one story. >> and her dress was $20,000. >> crazy. >> i thought the goal was to
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see you then. still ahead on news4 new york at noon, on the auction block. how you can own the fiat that
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some alarming new findings about car headlights. only one of 31 mid size cars got a good rating when it came to headlights. that requires buying the advanced technology package. out of the remaining vehicles, about a third were acceptable, a third marginal and a third poor. the bmw 3 series is the worst at seeing down a dark road. >> you still have a chance to own a piece of pope francis' historic trip to new york city. the fiat he used to ride the
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is up for auction online. the starting bid was $82,000. it's already up to 130,000. the auction closes at 3:00 tomorrow. the winner of the auction will also be given the opportunity to have the car blessed by cardinal timothy dolan. the money raised will go to local catholic schools and catholic charities. we're coming right back. won't have to. because homefirst, a product of elderplan, is there... helping them with bathing, dressing and meals so they can remain safely at home. homefirst, a product of elderplan continuing the work of the four brooklyn ladies caring in so many ways. call 1-866-386-4180
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starting at 5:00, the deadline to file your taxes is approaching fast, identity theft is on the rise. better get baquero. for breaking news and weather updates, head to our website, "new york live" is next.
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hey, everyone. happy wednesday and welcome to "new york live." we've got a really fun jam-packed show to help get you over this hump day. a hot winter food trend that makes the transition to spring. how easy it is to make some fresh soba noodle experts. we even make them from scratch. >> oh, wow. that looks good. all right and in just a few minutes, we're looking back on


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